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retyrement logo is a newly minted metaphor of the current age. Your age. We are your co-companion whenever you desire a fresh re-start.

We enable you. We create the platform for your re-engagement. We stay with you. We walk with you into a bright new sun where you may discover the right opportunities for your economic, professional, entrepreneurial or social engagements, desires and well being.

Retirement or planning to retire may exhaust you. will rejuvenate you. Your second inning is set for a better game.  Play on. Relive. Retyre.

You may be

  • Retired from Job
  • Retiring from Job
  • Dis-enchanted/Re-dreamer from Job, Profession, Business, Any Vocation…

This is Your place to be.

Poll ResultsPriorities of the retired / retiring people in the age group of 55 to 62 years

Total Responses: 210.

Duration: June 21 to 26, 2017


Re-learning For - Career, Advancement, Society, Hobbies

Times change faster than before. Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits of work remain in transition. How are you keeping up? Get going with a consistent Learn – Unlearn – Relearn mode. Create or join various communities focused around your interest of learning, e.g., social media, photography, financial management, social work, adult literacy etc.

Emotional And Spiritual Growth

Emotional balancing and maturing of mind, being content with self and in relationships with others, discovering your true spirituality and making yourself internally sound and healthy is an integral part of life’s pursuits. This community shall aim to bring like-minded people together to discover and share the power of self in terms of micro and macro perspective.

Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling…

Each one of us would have decades of life and career experience. We all have a desire to share as we know that a lighted candle can light another candle. This community brings together people who wish to hone, fine-tune and share their learning and skills besides co-creating opportunities to practice them well for financial or self-actualization goals.

Yoga, Fitness And Health-care

A majority of us would agree that we have not taken much care about our physical and mental well-being. Whenever you think about it, it’s a good beginning. Join this community to participate in and understand all the streams of medical sciences and healthcare practices for rejuvenating God’s gift to us. Our body and mind. Yoga adds big time to our life.

Reading, Writing And Speaking

Web 2.0 has assured that each one of us could be a great Blogger or Vlogger. Social media has added diverse opportunities. We need a platform to share our creations and showcase our skills. The community brings together people for whom a ‘good expression’ matters. Time to unleash the Shakespeare or Premchand in you. Digital expressions you can hone gradually.

Enterprise India

Business, Job, Consulting, contracting or social entrepreneurship, there are opportunities every where. How do we spot them? How do we start a new business or take up a franchise? How do we handle our start-up? When buddy career makers and career builders come together, the co-learning can be highly fruitful. ‘Make in India’ needs it. So do SMEs in India. And you?

Money-mgt. And Monetising Wisdom

Financial resources, properties, entitlements, investments, insurance and managing them effectively are critical. We need help from experts in different domains, be it legal, financial or technical. This community brings together professionals to guide and support. How would you like to monetise your own wisdom when you serve? Time to cross-check and adopt too.

Educating and Skilling India

Be it a school, polytechnic, college or an institute of higher education, India has a short supply of talented people. Skilling India needs a large number of professionals with right temperament and skills to groom youngsters for future. With our good life and work learning, we can hone our skills to take up the mantle of teaching/training for India’s future building.

New Ways To Societal Impact

Many of us nurture the dream of doing something someday for the society. Why wait? The time to do is now. Join the like minded people and discover areas, avenues or institutions that may benefit from your expertise. Who knows, some people in this community may create a small help group or big social enterprise to address the societal needs in India.

Travel, Adventure, Rejuvenation…

We are never too old to discover new culture, places, lifestyles and bounties of nature. A like-minded group may enhance the spirit of discovery and learning. This community may aim to share the experiences and forge bonding with members to move together, dine together and enjoy together for the rejuvenation of mind, body and soul.